1. Reservoir simulation study of new methods for IOR from a carbonate field in Alabama

  2. Reservoir simulation study of feasibility of CO2 sequestration and IOR in tight carbonate reservoirs

  3. New fracture fluid and technologies for ultra-tight gas wells

  4. Identification and remediation of gel damages in hydraulic fractured wells--field studies

  5. Fracturing technology for shallow tight-gas formations in Pennsylvania

  6. Fracturing technology for deep tight-gas formations in Pennsylvania

  7. New simulation technology for hydraulically fractured Marcellus shale gas reservoirs

  8. New predictive models for analysis of hydraulically fractured shale gas wells

  9. Effect of breakers on fractured well performances

  10. Completion technologies for acceleration of recovery in thick tight gas wells

  11. Effect of choke size and compressor on recovery

  12. Deliquification technology

  13. Investigation of jet pump for deep oil wells

  14. Investigation of gas lift for shallow/deep gas wells

  15. New fracture fluids and technologies for shale gas wells

  16. Salting/scale mechanisms, diagnosis and solutions

  17. Evaluation of fracture treatment effectiveness and hydraulic fractured wells

  18. New methods for identification and optimization of underperformed wells

  19. Interpretation of hydraulic fracturing pressure

  20. LCC oil reservoir connectivity study

  21. Evolution of technology, patent landscape and industry structure in shale gas development

  22. New methods for evaluation of shale gas and tight oil formations based on well logs and formation tests

  23. Risk analysis of drilling and completions operations in the Marcellus shale formation

  24. Interaction of shale rock with fracture fluids/drilling fluids/completion fluids through numerical and laboratory experiments

  25. Impact of controlling factors on stimulation effectiveness and well performances in shale plays (Haynesville, Bakken, Marcellus) through field data mining

  26. Evaluation and stimulation of Utica shale formation

  27. Study of borehole stability of Marcellus shale wells in longwall mining area

  28. Analysis and Monitoring of Marcellus Well Production

  29. Feasibility Study of Using Storage Fields to Dispose Flowback and Produced Waste Water in Pennsylvania

  30. Development of New Methods and Ways for Re-use and Disposal of Produced Waste Water

  31. Development of a comprehensive and systematic single well evaluation software PSUWELL

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